“It’s the type of mindset that I have” LeBron James prioritizes playoff push over All-Star game despite Lakers facing long odds in postseason positioning

The Los Angeles Lakers’ veteran forward LeBron James is frustrated with the team’s performance this season, which has left them out of contention for a playoff spot in the postseason.

The Lakers are the 13th seed in the Western Conference, showing no sign of improvement whatsoever. The reason behind this poor performance might be a serial injury issue among the players, which didn’t let them play to their full potential.

Despite having completed half of the regular season, LeBron is still hoping to secure a postseason playoff spot in the remaining games, which he considers one of his greatest accomplishments in his 20-year NBA career.

What did LeBron James say regarding the Lakers’ playoff chance?

In the pregame conference for the all-star game, James expressed his thoughts on the shambolic season for the franchise. “It’s 23 of the most important games of my career for a regular season. It’s the type of mindset that I have,” James said. “and I hope the guys will have, coming back off the break.”

The Lakers currently have a record of 27-32 with four wins in their last 10 games, which puts exponential pressure on the team. Furthermore, the roster has only recently begun to look healthy after a couple key players, such as Anthony Davis, returned from injury.

“I don’t want to see myself not being part of the postseason for two years straight—it’s just not part of my DNA,” the King James added. “I’m more passionate about trying to make the postseason and give ourselves a chance to compete for another Larry O’Brien Trophy.”

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Clearly, the 38-year-old is ready to let any chance go; rather, he’s hoping for his teammates’ support, which he missed throughout this season. Previously, he also indicated that his teammates’ fitness issues would be the determinant of the Lakers’ ending this season.

So far, the 19-time NBA all-star has been pulling the franchise on his own, which has taken a significant toll on the veteran professional. His ankle issue is starting to bother him more frequently than ever. If he were to pull the franchise into the postseason, it would be the best individual contribution in the league’s history.

Do you think the Lakers will be able to drag themselves into the postseason? Can LeBron James finally accomplish his cherished dream this season? Leave your thoughts in the comment section.



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