LeBron James reveals one secret trick for Lakers to still win NBA Championship this season

As the NBA regular season nears its conclusion in April, LeBron James’ Los Angeles Lakers have yet to earn a postseason playoff spot in the conference standings.

The Lakers are the 13th seed in the Western Conference with a 29-25 record. Their recent performance showed no signs of progress, with only half of the games ending in victories. Throughout the season, the Lakers’ position graph was nearly straight, like a dead man.

There’s a saying that goes, “A drowning man will clutch at a straw.” The Lakers fans are acting somewhat like this. However, their superstar, LeBron James, has delivered a hint of hope for the fans.

What did LeBron James actually say?

ESPN yesterday aired an interview with LeBron James in which the four-time NBA champion delivered a positive message. He said, “I believe so. Since we won the championship health has been on the wrong side of our franchise.”

There is actually an injury bug taking a huge toll on the team, and the roster is changing frequently. Even the forward has to play through injury to keep the dream afloat. Throughout the season, the Lakers couldn’t appear at full strength.

“I’m looking at the landscape of the league, some great teams, some great players. But I also feel confident in our ballclub and our personnel,” the 19-time NBA all-star continued.

James emphasized the fitness issue and believed they would have a good chance of coming back. “If we can be healthy, get enough under games, get some momentum, we get some chemistry,” the King concluded. “But if we can be healthy down the later stretch of the season we’ll give ourselves a good chance.”

Whatever LeBron may believe, the reality is portraying something entirely different. As we already said, there’s no sign of improvement; how much change would come if the players came back from injuries? The question remains.

On the other hand, players like Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook can really make a huge contribution to the rest of the fixture. and they need fate in their favor to conjure such a miraculous comeback.

Do you agree with LeBron James? Do you think they can make a notable change in their performance, let alone win the title? Share your predictions with us through comments.


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