Lakers G calls out LeBron James for lack of response to Warriors Draymond Green bullying

Unexpectedly, a Lakers player has criticized LeBron James for being silent about the latest altercation involving Golden State Warriors guard Draymond Green. Concerns regarding bullying in the league have been triggered by Green’s behavior toward a fellow NBA player.

One Lakers player, though, has expressed dismay at LeBron James‘ lack of response amid the public criticism. James’ leadership and advocacy for social causes have been called into doubt in the basketball world as a result of this unexpected call-out.

Dennis Schroder takes swipe at LeBron James

From Dennis Schroder’s perspective, his assertiveness and willingness to confront Draymond Green in the 2023 NBA Playoffs showcased his qualities as a leader on the court.

Despite his Lakers teammates, including Anthony Davis and LeBron James, potentially holding back due to their relationships with Green, Schroder took it upon himself to challenge the Warriors’ notorious antagonist during Game 6 of the second round. Even after a loss in Game 5 and the looming threat of a decisive Game 7 on the road, Schroder assumed control in Game 6.

Through meticulous analysis of game footage, Schroder observed Green’s dominant performance and overbearing demeanor. Recognizing the importance of matching Green’s intensity and standing up against his bullying tactics, Schroder made a personal statement to Davis, potentially ensuring that Green would not assert his dominance over the Lakers again.

This is probably why he later got angry at Lebron and took a jab at him.

Schroder’s fearlessness and resilience in facing Green now provide him with a strong bargaining position as he enters free agency. Lakers coach Darvin Ham and the front office will likely recognize the value of Schroder’s tenacious style of play and seriously consider retaining him for the upcoming season.

Warriors Vs Lakers record in last NBA season

The Warriors squared up against their long-time rivals, the Lakers, in the WC Semifinals of the 2023 NBA season. The series ended up being a battle of titans, with both teams demonstrating amazing skill and persistence on the court. However, the Warriors faced a 2-4 record against the Lakers after six thrilling games, falling just short of their desired result.

While the Warriors did not win the series, their performance showcased their tenacity and fierce spirit. The Warriors’ games versus the Lakers provided crucial lessons and served as a measuring stick, driving their will to develop and overcome hurdles in the coming seasons.

The Warriors will likely draw motivation from their encounters with the Lakers as they look on their journey since the 2023 season. These tough clashes against their perennial opponents could serve as an incentive for them to improve their skills in future NBA seasons.


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