Why did Dennis Schroder get ejected in Lakers vs Warriors game 6?

Dennis Schroder is a professional basketball player who hails from Germany. He entered into the NBA universe in 2013 after getting drafted by the Atlanta Hawks as the round one 17th overall pick. Besides he has played for Oklahoma City Thunder, Boston Celtics, and Houston Rockets.

Currently, plays for the Los Angeles Lakers. In a recent game between the Lakers and Warriors, this player was ejected from the court followed by a technical foul. So, it is time to explore why he was removed from the game.

Why did Dennis Schroder get ejected in Lakers vs. Warriors game 6?


Dennis Schroder made a powerful entry in game 6 as his first playoff start and his superb game management skills have contributed Lakers’ victory over the Warriors greatly. However, the player couldn’t stay with his team to witness the moment of joy as he was ejected from the court.

Friday’s match was indeed a bad start for the player. During the first quarter, he picked up a technical foul. Then again in the third quarter, he had an unfortunate encounter with opponent player Draymond Green. Something happened and Dennis shoved the basketball on the Warriors player’s face.

This incident earned tech foul on both of the NBA star’s behalf. However, the German player got ejected as he committed a foul earlier. Moreover, what instigated him to shove the ball is still in the dark. This post-season, Dennis caught up with several stressful incidents on the court which are putting a stigma on his image. However, it’s pretty obvious that there might be some serious reasons behind such behavior.

Before entering the Lakers for the 2022 season, he previously played for the team for a short tenure in the 2020-21 season. And this season, big credit for the Lakers’ victory over the Warriors goes to his unprecedented career mark. Therefore, it remains to be seen how he contributes his skills for the betterment of the team this time.

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