Lakers’ star LeBron James fires back at journalist for distorting his quotes

LeBron James, over the years, has been a star for the Los Angeles Lakers with his magnificent gameplay and heroism. The star player is not shy to express his feeling to the media, and while he speaks, he has the tone of a true protagonist. However, sometimes people take his words out of context and try to defame him- in an attempt to get the “King” off his thrown.

It was no different when Sam Amick, a renowned Athletic NBA writer, misrepresented the L-Train’s words- showing the world a side of the undisputed rising monarch that in the real world never existed. 

Anyone following basketball and having the minimum knowledge about LeBron James would immediately understand that this is an attack on their “King,” which he does not deserve. Furthermore, like any other ruler King James was quick to remind Amick- he is here to rule, and he did not regret his words because he knew he had said nothing wrong.

After Sam Amick made the tweet about the Akron Hammer, LeBron James gave Sam what the false accuser deserved- a publicly displayed bash.

What did LeBron James say in his tweet?

To begin with, James did not appear pleased in his tweet, and there was no reason for him to be -any player with the stature of James would have gone beyond an affirmation tweet to make their false accuser pay with something more punishing. Yet James being a kind-hearted king, limited himself to just a mere tweet. The Akron Hammer, in his tweet, went on to say,  

“Hey, Sam actually my patience isn’t waning. You make it sound like I’m frustrated when I’m really not. I told you over and over, my job is focused on the guys in the locker room, my job isn’t the roster.”

“That’s the reality of that conversation. And I said what I said with the Upmost [sic] respect and calmness cause that’s the mood I’m in! Your [sic] welcome! 5 game winning streak.”

Moreover, even fans showed their disapproval of Sam’s tweet. Many went on to show their anger in the comments of Amick’s tweet.

How did fans react?

With their support for James, fans weren’t behind bashing Sam Amick. 

A fan showing his frustration towards Sam’s tweet wrote, “Stop trying to put words in Lebron’s mouth for clickbait… y’all are the worst…. 5 game win streak… eat it”

Another fan bashed the writer with a gif-

Some fans also pointed out how James has chosen his path with the Lakers and does not regret the roster plan. 

What is your take on Sam Amick’s tweet and LeBron James’s reply? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned for more exciting updates!

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