Ex-UFC star Chael Sonnen labels Cain Velasquez as “The scariest fighter in MMA history”

Cain Velasquez, the former two-time UFC Heavyweight Champion, has been retired from mixed martial arts for nearly four years, but he is still regarded as one of the sport’s all-time greats. Cain was recently referred to as the scariest fighter in the history of mixed martial arts by Chael Sonnen.

Velasquez began his career in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in 2006 against Jesse Fujarczyk. He went undefeated in his first nine fights, earning him his first title fight. In 2010, Cain defeated Brock Lesner to win his first heavyweight title. The American fighter fought the then-unbeaten Junior Dos Santos in his first title defense, and the Brazilian ultimately prevailed.

Cain Velasquez while defeating Brock Lesnar

Nonetheless, Velasquez earned another title fight against Junior Dos Santos after beating Antonio Silva, which he ultimately won. He defeated both Junior Dos Santos and Antonio Silva in the following one-and-a-half years. His final defense of the title came in 2015 when he was defeated by Fabricio Werdum.

Cain received a lot of praise from the American mixed martial arts analyst Chael Sonnen in one of the episodes of his podcast titled “You are Welcome.”According to Sonnen, the veteran UFC fighter had a number of qualities that are unique among MMA fighters. 

“The scariest fighter in MMA history: I had, with a pretty sizable gap, Cain Velasquez. He had the whole bit: He lad the look, he had the eyes, he had the jawline, the stoicness, the rumors and reputation, the work ethic.” Sonnen said in his podcast.

Former MMA fighter Chael Sonnen believes that, aside from his athletic abilities, Cain had better records and a more threatening appearance that made him unique. In his professional MMA career, Velasquez had a record of 14 wins and 3 losses.

”He had the record, he had the knockouts, the collegiate résumé. But there was something scary about a big guy that had the level of conditioning. We don’t see that very often, not that level, not where they can be on you that hard, non-stop.” Chael added.

There may have been differing opinions on who is the scariest UFC fighter of all time, but Sonnen provided compelling evidence to support his claim. Who do you consider to be the most terrifying fighter in the history of MMA?

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