LB Bruce Irvin joins Seahawks’ practice squad

The Seattle Seahawks’ offensive unit was quite booming, yet their defense had some deep flaws. The reason why the team management immediately sought to make an adjustment to this concerning situation.

The Seahawks’ allegedly welcomed back Bruce Irvin for a third tour in the Pacific Northwest after he worked out for the club on Tuesday. This franchise has re-signed Bruce Irvin to their practice squad as per multiple media.

Irvin, a fan favorite since his selection as Seattle’s first-round pick in 2012, Bruce’s contributions to the peak Legion of Boom squads were substantial but often overlooked.

Seattle has been looking to add extra depth at linebackers since the beginning of the 2022 season by signing a number of free agents but turning on most of them and giving none of them significant playing time. Drafting Irvin might be the solution to that vicious cycle. 

The super bowl winner (6’3″, 250 pounds) isn’t quite as disruptive as he once was, but he still has a lot to contribute. He has suited up for 127 games overall in the NFL, including 60 with the Seahawks. Prior to departing in 2015, he played for the Raiders for three years. Irvin subsequently spent a year with the Panthers, the Falcons, and the Bears. 


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