Brian Windhorst reveals LeBron James likely to opt out due to no-trade clause in next Lakers contract

As the NBA regular season approaches its end, the excitement for the upcoming postseason is building up. One team in the spotlight is the Los Angeles Lakers, battling to secure a playoff berth in the highly competitive Western Conference.

LeBron James wants to continue his career with the team. He holds a player option once this season concludes, giving him the choice to become a free agent.

Will LeBron James ask for a no-trade clause in his next deal?

LeBron James might include a no-trade clause in his upcoming contract with the Los Angeles Lakers. According to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, James will likely opt out of his current contract for the 2024–25 season.

One of the main reasons behind this decision is his desire for added security, which the no-trade clause would provide. This clause would ensure that James remains with the Lakers unless he chooses otherwise, giving him more control over his future with the team.

“I believe LeBron will opt out no matter what. And I believe he will opt out regardless because even if he only signs back for one year, the only functional way for LeBron to obtain a no-trade clause is to sign a new contract,” Windhorst said on The Hoop Collective (20:30 mark). “If he extends the contract he’s in or picks up that option and adds to it, he won’t be able to get a no-trade clause. And I believe that for various reasons, LeBron would like, request, and most likely receive a no-trade clause.”

LeBron James can continue playing for $51.4 million next season, which will keep him on the court until he turns 40. This is quite a milestone, as he’s on track to match Vince Carter for the most seasons played in NBA history by 2024–25. It’s impressive because LeBron is still among the top players in the league, showing that age hasn’t slowed down his skills.

How is LeBron James’ relationship with Brian Windhorst?

LeBron James and ESPN’s Brian Windhorst have shared a fascinating journey, with Windhorst covering LeBron’s career from the very start. However, their relationship has evolved, and Windhorst recently opened up about what caused the shift.

Windhorst, who attended the same high school as LeBron a few years earlier, reflected on how things changed when LeBron joined the Miami Heat. ESPN quickly tapped Windhorst to lead the Heat Index after LeBron’s decision, creating tension. LeBron wasn’t entirely comfortable with the situation, which affected their relationship.

How is LeBron James relationship with Brian Windhorst?
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“LeBron showed animosity! He wasn’t crazy about it. He did not like how EPSN handled the aftermath of The Decision. “He felt like he was left alone on an island there,” Windhorst explained. “And he didn’t like the idea of ESPN putting together a team just to cover the Heat, which was pretty revolutionary then, and I was the leader. It was quite salty the first year.”

“The thing that was frustrating was that I was branded as a sycophant for going,” Windhorst said. “And LeBron was ignoring me. If I were labeled a sycophant, I’d at least get the benefits of being one, right? I expected to get all the inside information and special access, but I didn’t.”

“When you become a national face that covers a high profile league like the NBA, people are going to criticize you; it is part of the deal,” Windhorst told ESPN’s Chris Wallace. “If I didn’t like it, I could leave ESPN.”

Brian Windhorst has delved into various stories beyond just LeBron James or the team he plays for. He’s explored a wide range of topics that go beyond LeBron’s journey or any specific team’s endeavors.

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