James Harden ties rare LeBron James record that no other NBA player has matched in recent triumph vs Cavs

In a recent game between the Clippers and Cavaliers, James Harden tied a rare record of Lebron James’s, which has been unbroken for quite some time now.

According to major NBA news, it was a record-breaking performance by James Harden, as it was a 120-118-point game that made fans nail-bit.

James Harden matches LeBron James’ rare NBA record

James Harden has made an NBA record against LeBron James. Harden won his last match against the Cavaliers, which marked his 10th 50-win season, matching LeBron James. No other active player has more than eight, except Harden. This showed his skills on the court to win his 10th 50-win season.

James Harden matches rare LeBron James' NBA record
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The comparison between Harden and James made an exceptional performance on the court. Both players have impressed NBA fans by showing their skills and stats worldwide.

This massive win of 120-118 points for Harden makes it clear to fans that he is one of the competitors for LeBron James in the upcoming seasons. It is also clear that he should be counted amongst the bigs.

LeBron James’ subtle jab at James Harden leading Clippers

Last night, when LeBron James was asked about Harden’s new record-breaking stats, he came with an intriguing answer.

“They look great… Did you say James Harden, Clippers? Nah, it’s the T-Lue Clippers.”

He also added that:

“You know T very well, and don’t ask me what it means.

This statement from LeBron was too harsh, and fans are making fun of it afterward. The 2-point win made it clear that he could also break the records of LeBron James. So, the interview with LeBron James is receiving the wrong end from many fans.

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