“LeBron James deserves ownership of an NBA franchise” Stephen A Smith urges the league to handover the king his own team

LeBron James, the Lakers’ star forward always finds himself in the headlines in and out of the game. King James was recently found to be the only billionaire playing in the court in NBA history, nearly accomplishing everything that can be achieved as an NBA player.

The recent made billionaire sportsman now wants the ownership of an NBA team, James said such in a preview for “The Shop” on Thursday.

“I wanna own a team. Yeah, I wanna buy a team. For sure, want the team in Vegas.”

You may or may not be thinking it’s possible or not but, Stephen A. Smith is definitely with LeBron, he went on one the episodes of ESPN’s First Take to give his thoughts on LeBron’s dream and wants the league should do everything possible for the legend to own a team saying that:

“I’m going to go so far as to say, I think the league would owe it to him to facilitate him owning a basketball team.”

Stephen A. made some valid points to back his logic as the NBA expert thinks LeBron was an all in all gentlemen of the game since his debut in the league back in 2003. King James has been always upholding the integrity of the game and never found doing anything that is questionable for the league or the game.

Surely, following the King’s contribution to the game and what he has achieved if the living legend wants to be involved in the game after his retirement, NBA should not close the door for the game to own him a franchise.

LeBron on the other hand being a billionaire and with the flight he is on surely can own a team and it’ll be no new thing for the 37 year old great because he is already a minority shareholders of the Fenway Sports Group that owns the Boston Red Sox and Liverpool FC.


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