LeBron James playfully roasted by Bulls announcer with hilarious “passport” comment during Lakers’ victory

LeBron James is one of the greatest basketball players of all time. But even he can’t escape the playful jabs of the Chicago Bulls announcer. During the Lakers‘ recent victory over the Bulls, James was on the receiving end of a hilarious comment that had fans laughing out loud. Let’s take a closer look at what happened.

The NBA is widely recognized as one of the top sports leagues in the world. But many viewers believe that the referees don’t consistently make competent decisions from play to play. This sentiment was recently reinforced during a game between the Chicago Bulls and the Los Angeles Lakers when LeBron James took four steps while dribbling before making a pass. But the referees didn’t call for a travel.

During the game’s first quarter, James was called for taking too many steps. It prompted Bulls announcer Stacey King to quip, “Did you bring a passport with you?” as the replay of James’ infraction was being shown. 


James was attempting to evade Bulls forward Patrick Williams’ defense and attack the basket. But Nikola Vucevic prevented him from doing so. James hesitated and passed the ball to someone else before being whistled for a turnover.

What’s next for LeBron James and Lakers? 

LeBron James

Even the greatest players in the game sometimes make traveling errors. But it is particularly attention-grabbing when a future Hall of Famer like James is caught taking extra steps. Regardless, the King and the Lakers must win the game to keep their playoff hopes alive. They entered the game with a 36-39 record, placing them only ninth in the Western Conference standings. 

The Bulls defeated the Lakers 118-108 in Los Angeles the previous Sunday. They are also fighting for at least a Play-In Tournament spot in the Eastern Conference.

Despite being one of the most accomplished athletes in the world, LeBron James can also take extra steps sometimes. But the Bulls announcer’s hilarious comment was commendable. As James and the Lakers continue their pursuit of a playoff spot, fans can expect to see more of his on-court excellence.


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