Tristan Thompson drops bombshell prediction of LeBron James-Kyrie Irving reunion at Lakers saying “it’s not over yet”

The Los Angeles Lakers are reportedly no longer pursuing a trade for Kyrie Irving, following his recent move to the Dallas Mavericks. Despite making two previous attempts to acquire the talented guard, the Lakers are said to be content with their current roster and have no plans to make another push for him. However, former Cavaliers teammate Tristan Thompson believes that Irving and LeBron James are meant to play together again.

Bringing Irving to the Lakers would be a complicated and risky move, as the organization would have to renounce several of its current players, including valuable pieces like Austin Reaves and Jarred Vanderbilt, in order to clear enough salary cap space to make Irving an offer.

“I’ve been pushing that reuniting, coming together for so long,” Thompson answered when asked by Green about the potential James-Irving tandem. “With Kyrie and LeBron, it was almost like a match made in heaven. They brought the best out of each other. … It’s not over yet. There’s still a couple more chapters between them two that they can make some magic happen.”

While Irving would undoubtedly give the Lakers a true super team, the trade would also mean sacrificing the depth and youth needed to seriously contend for the NBA championship. As such, it remains to be seen whether the Lakers will pursue Irving in the future or stick with their current lineup.

Ultimately, the decision to trade for Irving will depend on the Lakers’ assessment of their team’s needs and goals. While Irving would add another star player to the Lakers’ already formidable lineup, the team must weigh the potential benefits against the risks of sacrificing depth and chemistry.

A Kyrie Irving-LeBron James reunion might not be unthinkable after all

Regardless of whether the Lakers ultimately pursue a trade for Irving, the NBA remains a dynamic and unpredictable league, and fans can expect plenty of excitement and drama in the coming months as teams jockey for position and compete for the ultimate prize: the NBA championship.

LeBron James explored the possibility of Reunion Kyrie Irving in the NBA

NBA fans were speculating where star guard Kyrie Irving could play next after the Brooklyn Nets benched him to explore trade possibilities. One possibility was Irving rejoining forces with LeBron James, as the two won an NBA championship together with the Cleveland Cavaliers. After a loss to the New Orleans Pelicans, James was asked if Irving could help the Los Angeles Lakers “get to the finish line,” and he didn’t dismiss the idea of a possible reunion.

It was almost like a match made in heaven” – Tristan Thompson anticipates LeBron  James & Kyrie Irving reunion

However, James referred the question to Lakers GM Rob Pelinka, stating that he doesn’t speak for the front office. James emphasized his focus on preparing the Lakers to win with whatever lineup they have but acknowledged that adding a player like Irving would be an obvious boost to the team.

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