Andrew Tate complains about jail conditions in Romania while bail appeal decision lingers

Andrew Tate, a controversial internet influencer, is held in detention since December. But, while the Romanian court continues to prolong the online influencer’s bail application, he continues to share his harrowing prison experiences with his devoted Twitter followers.

Earlier, a representative for the Romanian anti-organized crime group DIICOT confirmed that Tate’s sentence had been extended for a fourth time and that he will now serve an additional thirty days behind bars as the former kickboxing champion was detained on December 29 in Romania on several allegations, including money laundering, rape, human trafficking, and organized crime.

What is Andrew Tate grousing about on Twitter regarding life in prison?

Top G has never stopped updating his supporters on his whereabouts while he is imprisoned and enlightening them on the reality of life in a Romanian detention facility. Tate recently once again opened up on how his time in prison is going and provided insights about the shocking prison life experiences. 

Since the very first day when the accusations were made against him, the British social media figure has been pleading not guilty. Tate, who insists he is innocent, frequently thinks of his confinement as a trial and a test from God. Recent tweets from Tate’s verified account seem to indicate that he is going through some significant psychological transformations.

“Each night I dream of freedom. And then I open my eyes. And I’m in the same familiar jail cell. I take a few minutes to swallow my disappointment and begin my morning push-ups. Maybe tomorrow, I’ll wake up somewhere else. I have not lost hope.” Tate tweeted. 

The self-described misogynist has frequently revealed details of jail life over the past four months, saying that for the majority of inmates, emotions are their only form of amusement. According to Tate, men fight the guards for pure pleasure because prisoners enjoy feeling angry. The 36-year-old British celebrity addresses that while he is imprisoned, bugs and lice provide him company. 

“Losing hope is fatal. Hope is a requirement for success and eventuality. My whole life was built on hope. You do not become a 4x World Champion without it. You cannot put yourself through the training required. Through sacrifices and pain.” Tate added.

Dear readers, what do you think of the American-British social media personality? Do you still believe he is a psychopath hiding in plain sight, or was he set up all along?

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