‘Female Andrew Tate’ dominates internet with her anti-feminist views while ‘misogynist influencer remains in prison

The kickboxer-turned-influencer Andrew Tate has been in detention since December, but while he is in prison, another Andrew Tate who espouses Tate’s beliefs is growing in popularity.

The divisive online persona who gained notoriety on social media for promoting misogynistic beliefs on his personal accounts. ‘Cobra’ was detained on December 29 from his home in the Romanian capital together with his brother Tristan and two other ladies after being accused of a number of crimes, including money laundering, rape, human trafficking, and organised crime.

Who is this new female Andrew Tate?

Since Tate is imprisoned, it appears that one of his ardent supporters has taken on the task of promoting the same philosophies that Tate used to promote when he was outside of prison. The copycat of the self-described misogynist is a woman, which is particularly interesting.


The person who is currently getting notoriety for spreading anti-feminist views on social media is Hannah Pearl Davis. Hannah allegedly crossed paths with the former kickboxer on a podcast, proving she has long been a Tate admirer.

When he first started promoting misogynistic viewpoints, Tate had all of his social media accounts, including Tiktok, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and many others, suspended. However, the contentious internet celebrity has recently regained access to the social media platform Twitter.

It looks like the Hannah, the female Andrew Tate is also going through a similar path. The 26-year-old online activist has already got her several Tiktok accounts banned for controversial issues. However, Hannah is rising on YouTube rapidly. Her subscriber count nearly doubled in just three months. 

The British influencer recently revealed on Twitter that he has been keeping track of everyone who has defended him while he has been imprisoned. It is now matter to see how Top G reacts to what Hannah has been doing since his imprisonment.

What do you think about Hannah, a woman who promotes similar views to self-described misogynist Andrew Tate?


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