Andrew Tate threatens to sue accuser for $300m over trafficking allegations

After being arrested in December of last year on suspicion of sex trafficking, Andrew Tate maintained his denial of the allegations against him and has now filed a lawsuit against a woman who made a false accusation.

It is expected that Romanian officials would continue holding Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan Tate in custody until February 27 as part of their multiple ongoing investigation. Earlier on December 29th, Romanian authorities arrested the internet sensation kickboxer on several counts, including money laundering, rape, human trafficking, and organized crime.

Despite the fact that he is currently in jail, the former kickboxer has taken the initiative to launch a defamation lawsuit against one of the women who made false charges against him. The attorney for the American woman recently disclosed that her client had received a “cease and desist” letter from the Tate brothers; however, the authorities has not yet decided what to do with the letter.

The letter which was sent to the woman on behalf of the Tate brothers reads , ” In April 2022 you falsely stated to a third party that our Client human trafficked you, abused you and held you against your will. You have repeated false and defamatory statements to the police, the media, and another United States citizen about the Tate brothers. ”

The social media sensation and self-proclaimed misogynist’s bail request was denied last month by Romanian authorities. According to information recently provided by a representative for the Romanian anti-organized crime group DIICOT, Tate’s arrest has been prolonged twice, and he is spending another thirty days in jail.

Benjamin Bull, an attorney who works with the National center on Sexual Exploitation, has also verified that Tate and his brother have filed a complaint against an American woman. This lawsuit will be taken into court to obtain additional information.

“They want these young ladies to climb into a hole and hide, never come forward [or] describe what they saw and what happened to them. It’s clearly an effort to intimidate.” said Benjamin. 

An advisor named Tina Glandian who is working for the Tate brothers also shared her opinion regarding Tate filing a lawsuit saying, “The fact that [the Tates] are incarcerated right now is not a basis for them not to pursue their legal rights.”

Very recently, Top G promised to make a philanthropic donation in the amount of one hundred million dollars to help the wrongfully accused men.


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