Andrew Tate detention: Judge reveals ‘particular dangerousness’ as reason to deny bail for former kick-boxer turned influencer

Officials in Romania detained Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan as part of an investigation into human trafficking and rape; both brothers are expected to remain in detention until the 27th of February.

The former kickboxer who rose to fame on social media was arrested on December 29 in Romania and charged with a variety of offenses, including money laundering, rape, human trafficking, and organized crime. He had become renowned through his controversial posts. 

A court in Bucharest, Romania, rejected an appeal from the social media celebrity and self-proclaimed misogynist for his release. A recent disclosure by a representative of the Romanian anti-organized crime organization DIICOT indicated that Tate’s detention had been prolonged and that he would be spending another thirty days in jail.

According to a statement made by a judge in Romania, the brothers are going to be detained for an additional thirty days because of Tate’s “particular dangerousness” to exploit any lady for the sake of his personal benefit. According to the court, the exploitation that Tate engages in may result in both physical and psychological harm to the women that he targets.

Since April of last year, Romanian officials have been keeping an eye on ‘The king of toxic masculinity’, who has spent the last five years living in Bucharest to continue his controversial online activity. Since his arrest, a large number of Andrew Tate’s claimed victims have come forward to accuse him of previous violent crimes against them.

In addition to Tate and his brother Tristan, two women, Luana Radu (32) and Georgiana Naghel (28), have been arrested for assisting Tate and Tristan in committing crimes related to human trafficking and other offenses. Several accounts claim that Luana formerly served in the police force and Georgiana is a model.

Tate, who gained popularity as a result of his abusive and misogynistic comments on social media platforms, filed four appeals earlier in January. The Bucharest Court of Appeal dismissed his petitions, stating that “the prospect of their evading investigations cannot be ignored,” and that Tate and his brother could “leave Romania and reside in countries that do not allow extradition.”

Tates’s attorney, Eugen Vidineac, has stated that his client vigorously denies the allegations made against him and asserts that he is innocent of the charges.


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  2. Exactly what Abusive Comments has he made Khandaker Muntiser???
    And why would you not include the fact that at least 2 of the supposed 4 victims pertaining to this arrest have come forward stating that they are Not, and never where Victims in any way shape or form, why? Answer these questions sir and redeem your credibility otherwise your left looking like a Liar & someone who reports false stories!


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