Al-Nassr’s manager Rudi Garcia blames Cristiano Ronaldo for team’s elimination in Saudi Super Cup semifinals vs Al-Ittihad

French-born Al Nassr manager, Rudi Garcia came up with a shocking statement engaging Cristiano Ronaldo following the Arabian Super Cup loss against Al Ittihad in the semifinal.

Cristiano Ronaldo has failed to deliver a goal for his team for the second time in a trot and the manager accused him due to their loss after the Portuguese missed a glorious chance in the first half of the game.

“One of the things that changed the course of the match was Cristiano’s missed opportunity in the first half.” – said the Al Nassr manager Rudi Garcia.

The Frenchman was not shy of congratulating his nemesis after they pulled off a great victory and he was impressed at the way they played their game and how they executed the plans to success, unlike his team.

“They presented a much better first half than us, and we played a good second half, but unfortunately, we were not able to adjust the result. We deserve to lose the match.”- Garcia expressed his disappointment.

The 58-year-old believed that this is not the end of everything albeit their failure to find the winning spirit and insisted to march on overcoming challenges that come along their way.

“It’s true that we regret losing the Super Cup, but we are still the first in the league. We have to win, win and win. We have to face the upcoming challenges.” the French-born manager further added.

Rudi Garcia posted after the loss against Al Ittihad in the semifinal of the Super Cup.

The manager will surely look to one of the greatest footballers of all time to pull his team out of the pit and the way he criticized Cristiano Ronaldo will certainly boil the blood of the star player as we have seen before, an angry CR7 is a danger for anyone.

However, subsequent to Ronaldo’s signing, Rudi Garcia said he wanted to bring Messi first which didn’t age well among the Cristiano Ronaldo fan base and now criticism certainly added fuel to the spark.

Despite all this negativity, the manager will hope to figure things out for Cristiano Ronaldo as they would love to deliver something special to the club and become a successful manager-player duo.


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