Mike Tyson wants Tom Brady to remain with Buccaneers as QB sets to be unrestricted free agent in March

This weekend, Tampa Bay is home to two GOATs Mike Tyson and Tom Brady. The former heavyweight boxing champion is in town to promote his line ofTyson 2.0 products. Tyson, 56, is a living testament to the power of focus and determination.

He explained how his singleminded ambition gave him the strength to accomplish amazing things in his career.

Tyson was one of the most dominant figures in boxing during his prime. But he explained that he never sacrificed focusing on the present to make plans for the future.

If I thought of other things when I was in my career, I wouldnt have accomplished what I accomplished. I only wanted to be a fighter my whole life; I wanted to be the champion of the world. That‘s all,” he said.

When asked to make a prediction about what Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady, another GOAT, will do next season, Tyson said,Hes gonna do whatever he wants to do. I think he‘s gonna play. But hes gonna do the right thing. Hell make the right decision, Im sure.”

And when asked which team Brady should play for, Tyson replied with enthusiasm,I like the Buccaneers! I want him to go back to the Buccaneers.”

Tyson believes that it is possible to continue to find success even after an athlete‘s prime has passed. He shared that he has been successful during both his fighting and business careers, and he doesn‘t believe it‘s impossible to regain what is lost.

I learned if you can have it once, you can get it again. Impossible is nothing to anybody that tries. You have to try, and you have to believe in yourself,” he said.

The advice from Mike Tyson is simple: don‘t forget to focus on the present to make plans for the future, and don‘t be afraid to try and believe in yourself.

Whether it‘s in sports or business, Tyson believes that if you work hard and give it your all, you can achieve success.



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