Ex-NBA PF Matt Barnes sued by fiancée’s ex-husband over spitting incident in Cowboys vs 49ers game

David Patterson Jr., the former partner of Matt Barnes current fiance, has filed a lawsuit against the former NBA champion in L.A. County Superior Court following an incident at the 49ers vs.

Cowboys playoff game at Levis Stadium last weekend. The suit alleges that Barnes spat on Patterson Jr., causing him injury, emotional distress, and more.

According to the suit, Patterson Jr. had no idea Barnes would be at the game, but when they happened to run into each other in the concourse, they began to argue from about 20 feet away.

Barnes then came up to Patterson Jr. unprovoked and spat directly in his face, which was allegedly captured on multiple cell phone cameras. Patterson Jr. is suing for battery, assault, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

In the suit, Patterson Jr. claims that this altercation at the stadium was not the first runin he has had with Barnes, alleging that the former Golden State Warriors forward has harassed him and threatened him repeatedly in the past, sending him texts that called him abitch,clown, andfat f***.

In one instance from 2022, Barnes is alleged to have said,Pull up & get your ass whooped in front of your kids. I‘m done talking.

Barnes, however, claims that he was the one who had been harassed and threatened by Patterson Jr. and that it was Patterson Jr. who was the aggressor in the incident at Levi’s Stadium.

Barnes was granted a temporary restraining order against Patterson Jr. earlier this week and the two are expected to meet in court over it all at a hearing on February 16.

Patterson Jr. is now asking for unspecified damages in the suit. It is unclear what the outcome of this case will be, but it is clear that the altercation between Barnes and Patterson Jr. has been going on for some time, with this incident at Levi’s Stadium being the tipping point.

It will be interesting to see how the court handles this case, and what the final outcome is.



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