“This case is basically built on lies” Andrew Tate’s trafficking victim claims Romanian police have falsely accused the controversial kickboxer

Former kickboxer and social media star Andrew Tate was recently arrested in Romania and charged with multiple crimes, including sex trafficking and money laundering. However, two women, previously considered to be accusers have recently reported that the case is based on lies and they are in fact the victims of this case.

Since April of last year, Romanian authorities have been keeping a close eye on the “king of toxic masculinity” because of his negative online activity. He has been living in Romania for the past five years and has been under their observation ever since. In connection with an investigation into human trafficking as well as rape, Romanian authorities detained Tate and his brother Tristan last week.

Many women have come forward since Andrew Tate’s arrest, identifying themselves as his victims and discussing in detail the events that led them to believe he was a predator. Ex-playboy model Carla Howe, for instance, claimed that she, too, narrowly avoided being entrapped by Tate.

However, the situation has taken an unexpected turn as two women who were previously thought to be accusers of Tate have now claimed they are not victims of Tate. Rather, in an interview, the two women stated that they, like the Tate brothers, are victims of Romanian investigators. One of the women has spoken out, saying that the Tate brothers are being treated unfairly.

“This is very unfair. They don’t deserve it. We ended up being like family. I’ve never worked for them or with them. We’re just very, very close,”

Even though the women’s identities have been concealed, it has been revealed that both are influencers on the social media platform Instagram. As a result of this ongoing case, the women, one with blonde hair and the other with dark hair, have stated that they can no longer have faith in the Romanian government because they have lied about every aspect of this case.

“I don’t understand … the prosecutors [said] we’re victims in this case, when we obviously declared we are not the victims. So this case is basically built on lies. How can I trust the Romanian authorities?”

One of the women stated that they have mentioned numerous times that they are not the victims, but rather the victims of the case because they are being constantly mistreated. They also found it quite humiliating that they were being used as a pawn in Tate’s case.

“I’m pretty annoyed and upset and I don’t understand why this is happening. I think it’s pretty embarrassing that 9 months after the first raid in April last year [when] we gave our statements in which clearly we said we weren’t the victims” she said.

Tate, his brother, and two other Romanian nationals are still being held by police for the aforementioned offenses, and it has been reported that they will spend at least thirty days in detention.

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