Logan Paul issues apology for collapse of CryptoZoo project amid “scam” allegation from Youtuber Coffeezilla

Logan Paul finally confesses to what has been the worst-kept secret for the longest as any unfortunate soul who invested in Cryptozoo was up for a rude awakening. Anyone who has been following the youtube star for a somewhat decent amount of time already knows that he can not be trusted. Now Logan has taken it upon himself to spread the message and make people aware.

What happens when Scam meets Scam?

As is tradition with all scams, Crypto took off in early 2021 with outlandish promises and shook the world. Many early adopters who invested in cryptocurrency saw massive spikes in their coin prices. Many wanted to be a part of the gold rush and basically invested all their savings in crypto.

As if cryptocurrencies were not enough, the concept of NFTs was soon introduced to the world, and with that, another wave of online fraud activity began spreading on the internet like wildfire. This time many game companies, media companies, famous personalities, and artists took notice of the NFT craze and began investing their resources.

Logan was always a clout chaser who made a career out of scamming and click-baiting people. Naturally, when the NFT boom happened, the former vine star took notice. He was often seen promoting crypto-related projects that later scammed people and ran away with their money.

Later, Logan launched his very own NFT-based game called Cryptozoo and many of his fans got tricked into investing money. Different conmen exploited the project in unique ways with the lead designer stealing the game code and running away as well as the so-called crypto king, stealing a huge sum of money and fleeing the country.

What did Logan say as his apology?

Paul later deleted the video he released responding to coffeezilla’s accusations and stopped his false claims. In a post on CryptoZoo’s Discord page that he claimed to be “taking accountability, apologizing, and coming forward with a plan in the near future”.

Paul still insists that he will see through to the end of the Cryptozoo project, but we wouldn’t recommend investing even a penny in any crypto-based project!

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