Logan Paul deletes video in which he threatened to sue YouTuber Coffeezilla

Logan Paul is a great example of everything a youngster should not strive to be. The former vine star seemingly had everything and later burned it all down in an endless pursuit for more. Now the youtube ‘star’ is back in the news with his recent crypto scam which got called out by YouTuber Coffeezilla.

After Logan launched an NFT-based game, many were immediately suspicious as the WWE wrestler had previous records of endorsing fake NFT projects. Coffeezilla rightly pointed out the inconsistencies in Cryptozoo (the NFT game Logan launched) and made a 3 part video expose. Logan later made a tone-deaf response video and threatened to sue Zilla. Now the video has been deleted.

Why is this significant for Logan Paul?

Logan has seemingly done anything and everything to get views. But the Ohio native arguably outdid himself during a visit to Japan. From the jump, Logan started acting insensitive to Japanese people and culture also making some extremely offensive gestures and remarks on the process. But the worst was yet to come.

On one fateful day, the former boxer journeyed to a restricted forest with his friends where they found the corpse of a man who committed suicide. Instead of leaving immediately Logan and his friends began recording footage and acting like idiots. Finally, the authority arrived and the intruders left the scene.

After this event, the so-called Maverick faced a lot of backlashes and issued an apology video. Many considered the video as a form of damage control and looking back, it seems they were probably right after all.

What about Cryptozoo?

In the now-deleted response video, Logan tries to come off as smug and confident. He admits that the money invested in this project has been stolen but denies all responsibility by shifting the blame to others. He also promised to get the project off the ground no matter what and warned Coffeezilla of an upcoming lawsuit.


The lawsuit sadly never came instead, the former Vine star simply deleted his video. Such action gives further fuel to Coffeezilla’s claims. It is unclear whether any legal action will take place but for the time being it is best to cut out conmen like Logan from our day-to-day lives.


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