Logan Paul responds to CryptoZoo “scam” allegations from Youtuber Coffeezilla

Throughout the course of history, humans have scammed each other in many different ways. The latest swindling scheme that people are falling for in droves seems to be Crypto and who can be a better ambassador for such fraudulent activities than veteran grifter Logan Paul?

Logan probably was one of the first big-time celebrities to recognize the ‘potential’ of crypto. Unfortunately, the former Vine star’s thirst for quick money led him to endorse cryptos that later turned out to be scams. But when he took it upon himself to develop an NFT-based game, investigative YouTubers like Coffeezilla were quick to call him out, and finally, logan decided to respond.

What was Logan’s Response?

Even after the ‘suicide forest’ controversy, it seems like the older Paul brother has not mastered the art of issuing proper apology videos. The response he released to Coffeezilla’s video seems tone-deaf at best and an unfruitful attempt at shoving off blame at worst. Unfortunately, he probably won’t convince many people.

The WWE wrestler starts the video by trying to fend off accusations from himself and by accusing Coffeezilla of using Logan’s name for clicks and views. He also warns Zilla that the investigative Youtuber had made quite a few mistakes in his pursuit of YouTube clout and will likely have to face some consequences.

Logan goes on for a little bit more accusing Coffee of being an unreliable source touted by law enforcement and labeling him the ‘Keemstar’ of finance/crypto. Next, Paul talks about the developer who stole the game’s code and ran off to Switzerland. The former Vine celebrity starts talking about the criminal records of Zach Kelling (the accused developer) and how it was the recruiting agency’s fault to hire such a sketchy individual.

Paul also declared that ‘Crypto King’ Jake who has stolen 6 million dollars got immediately cut from the team. Finally, Logan accuses Coffeezilla of now reaching out personally until his third warning which was also on x-mas eve so the former boxer didn’t have the proper opportunity to respond. The WWE personality reinstated his invitation to Zilla for attending his podcast ‘Impaulsive’.

Logan Paul ended the video by threatening Coffeezilla with a potential lawsuit and throwing out claims that Cryptozoo will one day indeed become a reality.


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