‘In Europe, my work is done’ Cristiano Ronaldo fires back at critics over his move to Al-Nassr, saying ‘I won everything’

With a life filled with highs and lows, Cristiano Ronaldo is bigger than the “Great Pyramids,” taller than the “Eifel tower”, wider than the “Wall of China,” and more mysterious than “The Amazon.” He has maintained his position at the top for more than 20 years while reigniting the flame of criticism, turning it into powerful performances and illuminating wherever he goes.

On Friday, Ronaldo signed a lucrative contract that will keep him in the limelight until June 2025. With the passage of each season, the former Manchester United player will earn about $200 million. He continued to make history by receiving the highest salaries ever; now, more people are fully aware of the club he is joining, namely Al Nassr of Saudi Arabia, pursuing a tradition that only Ronaldo tends to repeat.

After dominating Europe for an entire career, Cristiano is looking for fresh challenges in Asia, which makes some insane fans around the world laugh. But nevertheless, Ronaldo quickly responds with a punch to the face during his press conference on his official unveiling as an “Al Nassr” Player.

“So far, I’m feeling very good. I’m so proud to make this decision in my life as you mentioned before in Europe my work is done,” he winked and told the press.

“I won everything, I played at the most important clubs and for me now it is a new challenge in Asia. I’m grateful that Al-Nassr has given me this opportunity to show and develop not only for the younger generation, but for the women’s generation. It’s a challenge but I’m very proud.”

With a total of 43 trophies—both individually and collectively—in his acquisition, Cristiano Ronaldo has had the kind of career that most people can only dream of.

The legendary footballer has a staggering collection of five Ballon d’Or awards, three EPL trophies, two La Liga trophies, two Seria trophies, and a record-breaking five UCL accomplishments.

Ronaldo was the top scorer in major tournaments 19 times, won the UCL Player of the Year award four times, was named Portugal Footballer of the Year ten times over the course, and helped his nation win the title of “European Champion” in 2016.

The legendary Portuguese is always after records, and he will be hoping to break some of them in his new career with Al Nassr and silence the naysayers like he always does. We are wishing him luck.


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