Fans pay tribute late MMA fighter legacy, the hero who died valiantly trying to protect his girlfriend during attempted home invasion

MMA fighters put on some of the most brutal shows that are legally allowed to be televised. Many wonder if the fighters can pull off such displays of courage in real-life situations. It seems like Tanner Marlow finally gave us a somewhat definite answer. Unfortunately, he had to lose his life in the process.

On X-mas eve, Tanner was at home with his girlfriend. Little did he know that his female partner had a disgruntled ex-boyfriend who was preparing for a violent assault. Jacob Malena (The disgruntled boyfriend) decided to force his way inside but Marlow’s fighter instinct quickly jumped in and the LFA athlete retaliated with his weapon.

Both the assailant and the assaulted managed to mark each other in the shootout, leaving only Tanner’s girlfriend standing.

How did the fans react?

The fans took to social media to show support for the fallen hero. Iridium Sports Agency tribute their client by saying,

“We are heartbroken by the tragic passing of our Team Iridium brother, Tanner Marlow, Tanner is fondly remembered as one of the most promising undefeated prospects in the sport of MMA and a very proud family man. We extend our sincere condolences and prayers to his family, friends, and team at this difficult time.”

One fan wrote on Reddit, “Story says he lost his life defending his girlfriend from her ex, who was doing a home invasion and forced his way inside. The dude laid it down in defense of another. Respect. She probably wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for him.”

Tanner only fought four times in the Light-heavyweight division of the Legacy Fighting Alliance (LFA). He won all his fights with the last victory coming against Joel Guzman via TKO in June.

Just like Tanner, we have seen other UFC fighters like Cain Velasquez taking on arms to defend their family. To these brave individuals, we pay our respect.


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