Frank Warren confirms Oleksandr Usyk received draft contract from Tyson Fury’s team for their undisputed heavyweight championship bout

Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk will almost certainly fight each other in the ring to end the undisputed debate once and for all. There is still a lot of waiting for the official announcement, but Fury’s co-promoter Frank Warren has shared a preview of the good news to come by saying that they have sent a draft to Oleksandr Usyk’s team.

There was much talk about Tyson Fury’s next bout after his brutal victory over Derek Chisora in a one-sided bout at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium a little over a month ago. Since then, audiences have been anticipating an even more astounding and exciting fight from Fury. Frank Warren, his co-promoter, hinted at a fight with Tyson Fury and Usyk in December.

Frank Warren, who is also one of Fury’s promoters, has just recently divulged some information about this extremely anticipated fight, which is already driving fans absolutely crazy. Although there has been no official confirmation of the fight’s date or location, it is anticipated that it will take place in the month of March, most likely in Saudi Arabia.

”Listen, it’s gotta be sorted out very, very quickly now because the time is against us.’ said Frank.

Frank has called the upcoming fight between the WBC heavyweight champion and the heavyweight champions of the WBA, IBF, and WBO the Boxing World Cup. He hasn’t yet confirmed a location for the highly anticipated fight’s venue, though. Frank, however, thinks that Saudi Arabia is a real possibility as a venue for the fight.

“At the moment, nothing has been agreed with, in Saudi. So we’ve got a ways to go yet. The site will be agreed really quickly because we want to go in March. It’s got to go on sale soon wherever it’s going to take place. The site will have to be sorted out very quickly.  We’re not going to mess around. It’s going to be about where the boys can make the most amount of money,” Frank added.

The English manager believes the United Kingdom could be a great option as well, and he is not ruling it out just yet. The 70-year-old also mentioned Muhammad Ali and George Foreman’s historic fight in Zaire to emphasize that the fight will take place where money is available.

‘We know what it can generate in the UK, but if it goes elsewhere then that depends on what the numbers are. I know a lot of people complain about it and I agree it should be at Wembley, I’d love to see it there.’ said Warren.

‘But Muhammad Ali and George Foreman went and fought in Zaire, then you had the Thrilla in Manila, you had the big fights in Jamaica. They went where the money was and these guys will do the same thing.’ Warren added.

Whether it takes place in Saudi Arabia or the United Kingdom, a thrilling fight for boxing fans is on the horizon if all goes according to plan and they reach an agreement.

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