Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk’s 2023 title fight to be held in ‘early March’ claims English boxing promoter Frank Warren

Boxing fans can’t wait for 2023 as the unification bout between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk inches ever so closer. However, no final details have been released and fans are weary of mistakes from a previous Tyson Fury bout resurfacing. However, Fury’s co-promoter Frank Warren may have some reassuring words.

Recently Warren appeared in an interview with IFL TV, where the promoter talked about the high-voltage match. Speaking about the potential date of the fight Warren said, ‘The date will probably be in March, That’s basically where we’re at, early March.”

The first quarter of 2023 makes sense for this matchup as the next challenger for the title will likely be Joe Joyce who is also planning a fight in March. Whoever wins the match between Fury and Usyk can have a similar number of days to prepare for the next big fight.

Frank was also asked if the fight would take place in the Middle East with Saudi Arabia being a potential frontrunner location. The industry veteran provided a tactical answer by not disclosing a proper location and simply stating the fight will take place “wherever the fighters can make the most money.”

“But no location has been finalized, once we get the fight done then the rest will just fall into place, we’re still negotiating as to the site but until we’ve got the fight done then we’ve got nothing. Let’s get the fight done and then get to where it’s going to take place. You never know, it could take place at Wembley.” Based on all the hints fans speculate Saudi Arabia, Qatar, or London to be the potential new spot.

Keeping such ambiguity regarding the location might help with negotiations as middle eastern countries are sometimes willing to pay handsome cash to host such prestigious events and boxing matchups don’t get much bigger than Fury vs Usyk. The co-promoter confirmed some information regarding the time and ticket availability of the match saying,

“The decision will be made with the site very quickly because we want to get it on in March, and if we want it to go on in March it has to go on sale soon, no matter where it takes place. We are not going to mess around and put one against the other, it is going to be about where the boys can make the most money.”

The Brit claims both camps are positive about this fight and the mistakes of the Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury matchup will hopefully not be repeated.


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