KSI urges fans not to idolize influencers like Andrew Tate following Top G’s arrest in Romania on trafficking charges

KSI, YouTuber-tuned-boxer, has shared his thoughts on Andrew Tate and has asked his fans not to follow influencers to the point where it appears as though they are worshiping them.

A former kickboxer named Andrew Tate, who rose to fame on social media, was arrested on December 29 in Romania and charged with a variety of offenses, including money laundering, rape, human trafficking, and organized crime. Despite appealing to a court in Bucharest, Romania, the controversial social media personality and self-described misogynist had his release request denied. 

Prior to his bout against FaZe Temperrr, KSI was recently able to sit down for an interview with BBC Newsbeat. Nevertheless, a discussion regarding Andrew Tate was brought up, and KSI expressed his thoughts on the controversial celebrity.

“I don’t want people to worship me. I don’t want this Top G title” said KSI.

The 29-year-old boxer, who previously had a poor reputation for making derogatory remarks about women, for which he later apologized, now acknowledges his viewpoint was incorrect, and he now sees things differently and thinks differently. 

“Try and be fair to everyone, try and just be good to everyone. Spread positivity all the time. And yeah, you know, we’re all human. We’re all gonna make mistakes. No one is perfect. And I always say that to my audience: don’t put me on a pedestal. Like I am not the GOAT. I don’t want people to worship me.” KSI added.

KSI believes he is a different man now than he was ten years ago; he no longer has the same ideas he once did, and this is what sets him apart from Andrew Tate, who blames his actions on Matrix.

“Treat women well, treat men well, treat everyone well, and just have the right attitude. I just think it’s cringe. I don’t care about this whole matrix stuff or whatever. For me, I just want to live my life and help as many people as possible and be a good person.” KSI further added.

Police are reportedly planning to hold Tate, his brother, and two other Romanian nationals for 30 days for the aforementioned offenses.


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