NFL world reacts to controversial penalty call in Giants vs Vikings game

The New York Giants triumphed over the Minnesota Vikings in the fourth wild-card game of the NFL just hours ago. This win has brought the Giants to the divisional round of the playoffs.

The NFC North champion Vikings were defeated at their home US Bank Stadium, despite winning the game the previous year. Despite the controversial penalty awarded by the referee, the host was not fully captivated by last evening’s game.

What actually happened in the Giants vs. Vikings game?

During the dying moments of the fourth quarter, the Vikings were given a penalty by the official for roughing the passer. Dexter Lawrence, the Giants’ nose tackle, made a tackle on Kirk Cousins, the Vikings’ 34-year-old quarterback. Though the quarterback seemed to be expecting such a play, the ref just declared the penalty anyhow!

The Vikings were moved up to 15 yards for the questionable roughing of the passer. but the host couldn’t capitalize on the advantage in the end.

The Giants’ fans are furious at this call, as are the team officials. This could be a turning point for the giants, as they were leading by a narrow margin. However, the giants eventually won the game 31-24. But that doesn’t excuse the ref’s dubious decision.

What was the fans’ reaction?

The NFL’s analyst, Ari Meirov, criticized the decision directly. “This was just called roughing the passer and the Giants should be livid. This stuff should not be happening in the postseason. Horrible.” he wrote on Twitter.

Another analyst cum podcaster said, “Worst call of the weekend. Absolute garbage.”

What do you think about roughing the passer call? Do you think the referees are up to the standard this season? Comment your opinion down below.


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