KSI vs FaZe Temperrr: Youtuber-turned-boxer crushes opponent with first-round knockout

After the bout between KSI and Dillion Danis was canceled, the British YouTube fighter swiftly recruited an opponent before the deadline. Although the circumstances were a bit inconvenient for him, he demonstrated in the ring why he is known as one of the best influencers turned fighters. The match between KSI and FaZe Temperrr took place at London’s Wembley Arena.

Yesterday, the British influencer fighter go against FaZe Temperrr after getting withdrawn by the previous fighter. Despite being in total jeopardy, the 29-year-old pulled off a great event at London’s Wembley Arena. He was also a great asset inside the ring, despite the circumstances.

It was fun and games for the YouTuber turned boxer, as he knocked out FaZe in a little more than two minutes. From the start, he went hunting for a knockout, though Temperrr made him work with a few well-timed counters.

However, it was only a matter of time before JJ landed and ended the fight when he cracked his opponent with a 1-2 combination, the fatal blow being a left-hand bomb. The official time of Round 1’s halt was 2:19 minutes, which was an impressive feat. When he was asked who he wants to fight next during the post-fight interview, KSI responded with “Yes, I need to be tested, I need more tests until I reach the final level. The final point: Jake m************ Paul.”

Given the hectic schedules of both influential boxers, there is no clear answer to the question. As of now, Jake Paul’s battle against young Tommy Fury has been canceled for the second time. As a result, many combatants see this as a big opportunity. Can Misfits Boxing’s CEO take advantage of the given opportunity?

It’s unlikely; it demands to be seen. Nonetheless, JJ has won his third consecutive exhibition boxing match by knockout. He knocked out two men in one night at London’s O2 Arena in August.



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