49ers vs Seahawks: Brock Purdy makes NFL playoff history

When 23-year-old Brock Purdy was last picked in the 2022 NFL draft, nobody thought even in their wildest surreal imagination that Mr. Irrelevant would rush for a touchdown full of history and surprises.

The San Francisco 49ers took Purdy with the very last pick, letting him earn the moniker ‘Mr. Irrelevant,’ and placed him as their third choice at quarterback. However, fate had other plans, and the youngster is now running the show with his right hand, stunning everyone and keeping all the record keepers busy.

What NFL history has Brock Purdy made this time?

The wild-card game between the 49ers and Seattle Seahawks featured Brock Purdy as the starting quarterback and gave him the stage to create history. He is only the fourth rookie quarterback in NFL history to win a playoff game, and the first in 49ers history. He was the lowest-drafted quarterback ever to start a playoff game, let alone win it.

Purdy also became the first rookie quarterback in playoff history to score four touchdowns. Mr. Relevant, the lowest-drafted rookie quarterback, appears to have checked all the boxes in terms of making history.

As a rookie quarterback, he is now two wins away from playing in the Super Bowl. Only Russell Wilson won the Super Bowl as a rookie quarterback in 2013 for the Seahawks. The same Seahawks allowed Brock to ascend to Wilson’s coveted podium. Who in their right mind would have thought this!!

How was Brock Purdy’s first playoff game as a starting QB?

The young quarterback was as stunning as usual in the game, scoring three passing touchdowns and another one rushing while accumulating 332 yards of passing. Alongside him, running back Christian McCaffrey and wide receiver Deebo Samuel rocked the Seahawks at Levi’s Stadium.

The 49ers didn’t face much of a challenge except in the second quarter, where the Seahawks scored 17 points. But in the second half, the Niners thrashed their opponent and swept the ground of Levi’s Stadium with their defense. With this win, they will play in the NFC divisional round.

Let’s see what else Brock Purdy can conjure to write his name in the golden pages of history. Till then, stay tuned with SportsZion.

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