Gerard Piqué trolls Shakira’s Diss song by announcing sponsorship deal with Casio on live stream with Sergio Aguero

The retired Barcelona defender and ex-boyfriend of the ‘Waka Waka’ singer, Gerard Pique responded to Shakira’s vicious jab in her most recent Bizarrap in the greatest possible way, proving to the Colombian fame that the former UCL champion still  had mocking up his sleeve.

Pique was criticized by Shakira in her song for trading in a “Rolex watch for a Casio.” In response, the defender disclosed a collaboration with the Casio watch company for his King’s League endeavor.

“We have reached an agreement with Casio in the Kings League to sponsor us. Casio is a great watch, it lasts a lifetime,” Pique said.

Pique suggested that the utterance “lasts a lifetime” might easily lead the singer’s hip to lie and that bringing up their split highlights the relationship’s vulnerabilities.

The fact that Shakira also referred to Pique’s new girlfriend Clara Chia Marti as a Twingo didn’t sit well with the Spanish defender, and he moved very quickly to address the issue.

Pique might have ended his deal with Twingo, but the World Cup winner insisted, a friend of his could be on the way. “I have closed an agreement with Twingo to arrive on Sunday with player number 12 dressed as a clown,” Pique said.

That player could well be his former Barca teammate and Manchester City legend, Sergio Aguero who retired in 2021 due to a heart problem.

The conflict involving Pique and Shakira is obviously diverting in a way that no one anticipated, but a clear indicator was signaled after they were trolling each other, and this is certain to increase fuss among the netizens.

The celebrity couple announced their separation in the middle of 2022 after eleven years of relationship and the birth of two children. Now they are facing the real shitstorm coming their way in the form of themselves.

It will be fascinating to see how Shakira reacts to that, but given how aggressively the couple is acting toward one another, it won’t be long until another hot tale is reported. Keep your eyes on SportsZion.


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