“A wolf like me isn’t for guys like you” Shakira mocks Barcelona star Pique and his new girlfriend in her new song

Hell has no fury like a women’s scroned. In a violent new song titled BZRP Music Session 53, Colombian music artist Shakira has took a swipe at her ex-partner, former Barça soccer player Gerard Piqué.

Shakira addresses her separation with Piqué, who she was with for almost 12 years, in a recording she made with Argentine musician Bizarrap for his well-liked BZRP Music Sessions series.

The song includes lyrics reading as “Una loba como yo no esta pa’ tipos como tu” (A she-wolf like me isn’t for guys like you) – it is a reference to her 2009 mega-hit She Wolf.

While Shakira spoke of sadness in the song Monotona, her first release following the separation, BZRP Music Session 53 is more overtly critical of Piqué. 

She claims in the song that he was his “worst version” of himself when she needed him most, potentially alluding to her father William Mebarak’s 91-year-old health struggles. She sings in Spanish, “I won’t get back with you, not if you cry, not even if you beg me.”

There are also undertones to Piqué’s new girlfriend that itch like the devil. “I grew too large for you. You are now with someone who is exactly like you.”- Shakira throwed shit at the newly formed couple.

Gerard Pique with his new girlfriend Clara Chia Marti. Source: twitter

Additionally, she makes mention of her mother-in-law: “You left me with my mother-in-law as my neighbor, with the press at the door, and with my Tax Office debt.”

Accusations that Shakira misled the Spanish Tax Agency of $15.5 million are the subject of a trial in Spain.

Shakira’s announcement saying “It’s evident that it’s not my fault if they criticize you” eliminates any lingering questions that Piqué was the subject of her remarks. 
“I’m sorry if my music splashes you; I just make music.” Regarding this instance, Shakira draws attention to the “pique” in the Spanish word for splash, salpique.

Although our wounds remain open in this new year, time has the hands of a surgeon.” -Shakira has not only expressed her feelings about the breakup through the music, but she has also posted a Happy New Year message for 2023.


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