Ex-49ers’ QB Colin Kaepernick assists family in suing police department for $100M by providing free autopsy

Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is making headlines again for his involvement in a $100 million lawsuit against the police.

The lawsuit is on behalf of the family of Rob Adams, who was shot and killed by police in an alleged response to a 911 call about an armed man. The incident was caught on CCTV and body cam footage, which shows the police chasing Adams before opening fire. The police claim that Adams was armed, but his mother, Tamika King, says the object in question was actually a mobile phone.

Kaepernick’s involvement in the lawsuit is through his Autopsy Initiative, a sub-program of his Know Your Rights Camp. The initiative provides free secondary autopsies for families of those killed by police or who died in police custody. It is reportedly the only organization that provides this service for free. The autopsy is now a crucial piece in the $100 million federal civil rights lawsuit, which is aimed at teaching police officers a lesson about racial profiling and excessive force.

Kaepernick’s Journey through socialism

Kaepernick’s NFL career was cut short due to his social activism and protests against racial discrimination. He famously started kneeling during the national anthem, which many saw as a sign of disrespect to the country. His performance with the 49ers wasn’t the best, but many believe that teams feared his open political stances would become a PR nightmare. He has been without a team since 2017.

Since his NFL career ended, Kaepernick has been actively involved in various movements, including those protesting police shootings. He has also written a children’s book called “I Color Myself Different” and is known for being a generous philanthropist, often donating money to causes that align with his fight for racial equality.

In this latest lawsuit, the family of Rob Adams is demanding $100 million in damages. While this may seem like a large sum, Kaepernick and his team believe it is necessary to send a message to all police officers who engage in racial profiling and use excessive force. Despite his NFL career being over, Kaepernick is making progress in his activism and continues to fight for racial equality.


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  1. Kaepernick’s career ended when he became the backup QB. He didn’t like being the backup, so, he made it about race. It has served him well. Nike showered him with money, and, he can’t even get a job as a backup. He can’t get a job because he stinks, not for his so called activism.

  2. How can you say Mr. Kaepernick’s performance wasn’t that good with 49ers – after taking his team to the Super Bowl. Please check your bias or Stop writing about People of Color.

  3. Why do the police find us so much scarier and more likely to be carrying a gun on them? That’s something they made up with their false report’s so why are they terrified of us? You can’t keep killing us because you’re “scared”. If that was an acceptable basis for the police depts argument that their actions were justified then every African American, Brown American would have a legitimate & legal reason to shoot the police..


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