Chael Sonnen predicts Islam Makhachev will retire from MMA after his bout vs Alexander Volkanovski at UFC 284

Chael Sonnen made a bold prediction before the anticipated match between Islam Makhachev and Alexander Volkanovski. Although the prediction was about the end of Makhachev’s career, he then briefly explained the reasons behind it. The current lightweight champion of the UFC is eager to defend his title against one of the best fighters in the game, Volkanovski soon at UFC 284 in February.

Sonnen recently spoke about what might happen after UFC 284. One of his forecasts concerned the current lightweight champion. As he expects, this will be the Russian MMA star’s final fight in the octagon. Chael Sonnen also provided strong reasoning for his wild prediction. He believes that since Khabib Nurmagomedov has announced his retirement from MMA, it is very likely that one of his pupils could follow the same route.

“I cannot realistically imagine a scenario where Islam Makhachev, in his career, goes into a bigger match; these matches at this level, you’re talking about a game of inches. Who got more sleep the night before? They’re this close. Who warmed up appropriately? This feels to me like one heck of a matzah ball that just got sat down, that your trainer, mentor, and coach are not going to be training, mentoring, or coaching you. It feels like a big deal.” The 45-year-old volunteer coach made some valiant statements in the interview nonetheless.

All of the questions about the 31-year-old’s career will be answered within the next several days. In reality, it would not be as hazy as last time. Despite all of the excitement surrounding the contest between two of the best MMA fighters of the era, the spectators are even more intrigued. Despite Sonnen’s bold words regarding Islam Makhachev but it’s not all out of the question. It would not be shocking for fans to accept if this occurs in UFC 284. Regardless, supporters should brace themselves for an uphill battle on the day of the fight.




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