Golden State Warriors’ visit to White house turns awkward after Biden, Harris refuse to kneel during photo-op

The “Biden Harris” combo surely entertained the Golden State Warriors on Tuesday. The Warriors were invited to the White House as president Joe Biden wanted to congratulate the team for their title-winning efforts of the previous season. 

At the event, Joe Biden commented on the team and their star performer Stephen Curry. The president made necessary sleek moves in the meeting as his predecessor, Donald Trump, when he was president, disapproved of Curry for not wanting to visit the White House. Biden as president cleared the White House’s image and highlighted the prestigious place as a welcoming location for teams and players.

However, the “Biden Harris” incident was clearly unnecessary, especially from the president himself, who created the awkward situation.

What did Joe Biden do that made the situation awkward?

In the formal meeting, Joe Biden went down on his knees and expected his Vice President Harris to do the same for clicking a photo with the Warriors team. However, Harris was laughing her way out and said, “I’m not doing that.”

Moreover, President Biden, with his awkward gesture, “cringed” everyone in the NBA world. After being cringed out, Fans shared their thoughts on the president on social media.

How did fans react to the Biden Harris incident?

Many fans were left laughing at the incident and rightly shared memes, while others felt uncomfortable.

A fan commented, “@POTUS embarrassing our country every day.”

Another fan shared a photo where it was written, “If aliens landed and said, “Take me to your leader,” embarrassing that would be.

“Nice try, Joe…Biden is looking for woke adulation… he’s not even looking at Kamalala…pandering to the crowd. Kamala is merely the prop.” a fan pointed out. 

Pete Finnegan also joined and wrote, “The country is in such good hands.”

How do you see Joe Biden kneeling at the event? Share your opinion in the comments.


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