Andrew Tate pens encouraging words for Jake Paul from jail after Problem Child’s first professional defeat

One of the best ways to analyze a person’s character is to observe his attitude towards you in defeat, not victory. Andrew Tate shows us a real-life example of such virtue by sharing a heartfelt message towards Jake Paul. The former kickboxer has seen a lot of success in his life but also knows a thing or two about dealing with defeat.

Tate wrote, “Always winning isn’t the point of God’s battles. The point of God’s battles is so you can show him the strength of your heart when you lose,”

Logan Paul also had a message of support for his brother, “I’ll always stand by you in victory or defeat @jakepaul. You fought like a warrior & already beat the odds in life. Big congrats to the Furys, what an entertaining family,”

What message is Andrew Tate trying to convey here?

There has been a noticeable change in ‘Cobra’s approach to life ever since he converted to Islam. Tate was once a world champion himself and he had a significant run. But at one point, even he had to suffer defeat and deal with all the negative feelings that come with a loss.

He has been held in Romania over very ‘Weak’ claims but is getting denied ‘Bail’ despite the absence of proper evidence. The fact that he took the time to send out a message to a guy who he was once rumored to fight, speaks volumes about him. It is also possible that Tate is calling the young Paul towards Islam.

For Muslims, loos, defeat, distress, and trouble have a lot of significance. Such calamities can be the result of one’s actions but they can also come as tests. The recommended course of action here is to stay patient and seek help from the Almighty. Andrew seems to be holding up ok but will Jake manage to do the same?

Let’s see what the future brings!


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