Ryan Garcia claims refs done dirty to Jake Paul in his loss vs Tommy Fury

Ryan Garcia is one of the few combat sports figures who still admired Jake Paul after Paul suffered defeat for the first time in his professional boxing career.

On Sunday night, in the Diriyah Arena in the Saudi capital, the widely anticipated grudge battle between Paul and Tommy Fury, which had been in talks for two years, finally took place. The YouTuber-turned-boxer was defeated in the jury’s verdict, with two judges scoring Fury a score of 76–73 and one scoring Paul a score of 75–74.

Numerous current and former boxers, as well as MMA figures, have expressed their opinions on the bout. Many felt Jake had received what he deserved as he was supposed to be defeated by a skilled boxer, but others disagreed and claimed the outcome could have gone either way, in Jake’s favor.

Ryan Garcia, a former WBC interim lightweight champion, is one of the few who believes Jake fought admirably against a professional boxer, especially someone with the last name Fury. Ryan posted some tweets in Jake’s favor (6-1, 4 KOs), noting that he battled valiantly and that it was a great feat to carry the fight to the last minute of the eighth round.

“Jake couldn’t lose! You don’t just come into boxing, basically make $40M+ in your first seven fights, and consider that as losing. Further, he was competitive against Tommy, so I’m going to tip my hat off to him and say congratulations and good luck in whatever you do next.” Garcia said.

The American fighter further explained why Jake’s performance was noteworthy because, in his opinion, Tommy (9-0, 4 KOs) was raised in a boxing family and had been training since he was very young. The Problem Child, meanwhile, began working out, training, and competing professionally just a few years ago.

Do you agree with Ryan Garcia that Jake put up a solid fight against TNT?


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