Logan Paul’s business partner KSI hilariously reacts to Tommy Fury’s split-decision win over Jake Paul

Jake Paul’s brother’s business partner, KSI, instantly posted on Twitter to make fun of Jake after his loss to Tommy Fury by split-decision. 

YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul finally faced off against his longstanding adversary Tommy Fury, but after eight rounds of boxing, Tommy was proclaimed the victor. As the fight ended, boxing personalities, online influencers began to respond to the fight and share their thoughts. 

Just like Jake, KSI (5-0-1) is also a YouTuber-turned-boxer, founder of Misfits Boxing and business partner of Logan Paul. Previously KSI shared his interests in fighting Jake Paul in a boxing bout but the details are yet to be determined. 

As soon as the main event of yesterday’s boxing event, ‘The Truth,’ starring The Problem Child and TNT, began, KSI started to voice his quick reactions on Twitter. The British internet star started his series of tweets saying that Jake Paul is trying to copy his bounce and he has no idea what he’s doing with it.


Jake Paul had previously approached KSI with the idea of a boxing match, but KSI, who had just defeated FaZe Temperrr earlier in January, was afraid to meet Jake anytime soon and instead chose to fight two amateurs to improve his boxing expertise.

However, KSI’s reaction after yesterday’s game says otherwise, as in one of his tweets, the English rapper seems to be confident enough to defeat both Tommy and Jake. During the final rounds of the bout, KSI tweeted, “Honestly I would destroy both Jake Paul and Tommy Fury [crying laughter emoji].”

Earlier KSI expressed in one of his interviews that his end goal is to fight Jake Paul, knock him out, end his whole journey, silence him once and for all and show everyone how much of a fraud he is when it comes to this whole YouTube boxing scene. 

 “Yo! Ahhhh don’t mind me, just smoking on that Jake Paul pack! Honestly, Jake Paul – trash! Tommy Fury – trash!” KSI further tweeted. 


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  1. Fighting KSI is a big step backwards if being a professional boxer is the end goal for JP. KSI doesn’t even resemble a professional boxer


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