“Silent as a mouse” Jake Paul slams Tommy Fury over failure to sign double-or-nothing contract

Jake Paul called Tommy Fury, his British ring opponent, a mouse for refusing to accept the winner-take-all wager. 

In a few hours, the long-awaited fight between the two longstanding rivals will finally take place in Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh. A day before they finally square off in the ring, the two boxers had one last face-to-face during the weigh-in season. 

The YouTuber-turned-boxer had earlier offered Tommy a deal in which he said if Tommy wins, he will receive double the fight money, but if he loses, he would receive nothing.

However, even though Tommy’s team showed interest instantly when the offer was proposed to them but they later did not sign up for the deal.

Afterward, The Problem Child claimed that Tommy was the one who declined the challenge without accepting the bet.

“Alright get this, so as you guys saw the bet yesterday on stage, Tommy agreed to it, shook my hand on stage. His dad said that they would agree to it, so I signed the contract right in front of them.” 

However, the deal was not finalized at the last moment as apparently, Tommy’s side did not keep their end of the bargain. According to the American boxer, they send it over to the lawyers of the British side and they did not make response further. Paul expressed his frustration at Tommy saying, “and just as I thought, they have gone silent as a mouse for the last 24 hours.”

According to Jake, Tommy and his do not want to sign the contract even though they shook on it like a man and it just goes to show that they have this false confidence.

Tommy, who has accompanied by his brother, Tommy Fury, and father John Fury, in the weigh-in event, expressed his desire to end Paul’s boxing career by beating him within four rounds.

“You’re going to see why our last name is Fury because we’re the best at fighting to ever live, that’s the reason why,” Fury said. 


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