Watch: Jake Paul attempts to drag Tommy Fury’s shorts down during final face-off

The long-running animosity between Tommy Fury and Jake Paul will finally be resolved when the two longtime rivals square today. Before their fight in the ring, the two boxers had one final face-to-face encounter yesterday where Jake almost embarrassed Tommy. 

Prior to The Problem Child and TNT’s much-anticipated showdown The two young boxing stars continued their trash-talking during the weigh-in season in the Diriyah Arena in the Saudi capital.

Both boxers successfully met the weight criteria at the weigh-ins: Jake Paul weighed 183.6 pounds, which is the lowest weight before a fight for the YouTuber-turned-boxer, while Tommy Fury weighed 184.5 pounds.

Jake and Tommy exchanged their final words shortly after the weigh-ins, promising to put an end to each other’s boxing career. Jake attempted to pull Tommy’s pants down but failed, and it took security to restrain him.

The ring rivals, who were accompanied by their brother, Tyson Fury, and Logan Paul during the event, shared their thoughts before the press. 

“This has been the best experience of my life, it’s a dream come true and tomorrow night it gets sweeter. Tomorrow night you’re going to see why my last name is Fury and why we’re the best who have ever lived.” said Tommy. 

Meanwhile, The Problem Child (6-0-0 in boxing), who has been extremely critical to Tommy ever since they were scheduled ro fight for the third time, promised to beat Tommy one last time saying Tommy will never be able to be a good boxer rather all he wants is to act like his boxing legend brother, Tyson. 

“This professional boxer is going down; it’s easy, it’s simple. I’m ready, cool, calm and collected. He’s shaking, you can see the nerves, I’m a killer, I’m a real f***ing dog, none of that fake s***. Like the posters say, the talk is over; we’ve done all the hoopla and it’s time to figure out the truth.” said Jake.

After two unsuccessful attempts to face off in a boxing ring, this is their third chance. Tommy’s rib ailment required the 2021 bout to be rescheduled, and owing to logistical issues, Tommy was unable to compete in 2022.




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