Tommy Fury insists on not celebrating KO victory vs “a YouTuber” Jake Paul on Feb 26

Only a day prior to his bout with Jake Paul, Tommy Fury said he will not be celebrating much because the victory over the former YouTuber-turned-boxer would not mean a big deal to him.

In just a few hours, in the Diriyah Arena in the Saudi capital, the highly awaited battle between Paul and Tommy Fury, which has been in the works for two years, will finally take place.

With Boxing Scene, the Love Island star discussed his goals and expectations for the fight and explained why he is not eager to celebrate his victory against Paul.

“Come that night when I knock him out, it’s not really gonna mean a whole heap to me, I mean, I’ve knocked out a YouTuber. Everybody expects me to do that anyway. It’s not like I’ve knocked out a reigning world champion and I’m the new world champion. I’m fighting Jake Paul.” said Tommy. 

However, according to analysts and bookies, Paul is the favorite to win the match, despite the fact that Tommy, who comes from a boxing-loving family, has been practicing his skills for more than 10 years. TNT doesn’t anticipate many fights from a YouTuber-turned-boxer. 

“He’s got six fights. He’s coming off a YouTuber background. I am expected to win this fight. So, I’m not gonna be jumping for joy when I knock him out because I know I was gonna do this all along. He’s the master of events, a lot of hype.” Tommy added. 

The British boxer (8-0-0) thinks ever since they have known each other, they have known there’s only one outcome of their fight which is on February 26th Tommy beats Jake.

Even though Tommy Fury won all his previous fights but he faced tons of criticism for not fighting a proper fighter before (Overall record of his opponents 24-176-5). 


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