Jake Paul blames rapper Drake’s curse for first boxing defeat of his career vs Tommy Fury

Jake Paul has lost a fight for the first time in his professional boxing career, and he attributes it to the curse of rapper Drake.

The eagerly anticipated fight between Paul and Tommy Fury, which had been planned for two years, finally took place last night in the Diriyah Arena in the Saudi capital. The YouTuber-turned-boxer, lost the fight on a split decision, with two judges scoring 76–73 for Fury and one judge scoring 75–74 for Paul.

Drake, a Canadian artist, placed a bet on Jake just before the fight as Jake received backing from many internet personalities in this grudge match. Drake’s sizable wager on Paul startled The Problem Child somewhat because he typically wagers on UFC fights.

However, Jake was defeated by a split decision despite being the favorite of betting and boxing experts.

The Problem Child in a press conference following the loss accused Drake, who had put a $400,000 wager in favor of Jake prior to the match. As it appears, there is something known as the “Drake curse” on the internet because Drake is infamous for losing bets when he picks a fight.

The Canadian rapper lost a $400,000 wager yesterday on Jake Paul. However, Drizzy’s interest in gambling is understandable given that he has been wagering on UFC fights for more than a year. But, the 36-year-old artist has never placed a wager on boxing before, and he can categorically state that it was a bad start for him.

When Drake started making bets on UFC fights, “The Drake Curse” became a thing when he placed bets in favor of Jorge Masvidal and Justin Gaethje, but ultimately both of them fell to Colby Covington and Charles Oliveira resulting in Drake losing a big chunk of money.

Although it may appear like Jake is being superstitious to think that Drake placed a bet against him, it appears that he is the third person to have fallen victim to the curse.


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