“Walking in Fury wonderland” Tommy Fury flaunts vocal talent with brother Tyson as boxing brothers sing together in post-match festivity

Boxing seems to have become almost as much a game of nerves as it is a game of combat prowess. Tommy Fury had a lot of stakes resting on his shoulder as the younger brother of the legendary heavyweight champ Tyson Fury. Now a victory against Jake has brought out a little-known side of ‘TNT’.

Those who follow WWE will probably remember Tyson Fury singing with Drew Mcintyre after ‘Big D’ failed to defeat Roman Reigns in an outing. ‘The Gypsy King’ has shown off his singing talent on many occasions, impressing fans. Now it seems like the appreciation for Tunes run in the family.

As the victorious Brit was entering the locker, the awaiting crowd started singing, “There’s only one Tommy Fury. Walking along, singing a song, walking in a Fury wonderland.” Tommy then proceeded to sing along with his brother Tyson. This should come as a relief for those who saw the Brit burst into tears following the victory.

What does a singing Tommy Fury tell us about being an entertainer?

One of the oldest issues in sports is athletes asking for more payment despite not bringing much to the table. There are many players who can’t draw attendees but want huge paydays. The reason fighters like Tyson can charge such huge paydays is not just owing to their boxing prowess but also their personality in general.

It has been reported that despite losing the match, Jake has taken home a whopping $30 million for his performance while Tommy has received only $2 million. Seems unfair? Let’s not forget Jake was actually the main draw of this fight for many spectators who wanted to either see him win or take his first loss.

Tommy may have received the short end of the contract this time around, but the credibility he has earned should help him negotiate better paydays going into future fights.


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