Tyson Fury strongly claims brother Tommy to KO Jake Paul expecting ‘more money’ for rematch, examples Conor McGregor

The Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury is just days away and the combat sports world is feeling the heat. Big names like Mike Tyson, John Fury, Tyson Fury, Derek Chisora, Cristiano Ronaldo, etc. are expected to be present there. Now arguments are appearing both in favor and against the upcoming boxers.

Tyson Fury feels very optimistic about his brother’s chances, “Looking good, he’s feeling good, and he’s going to knock him out (Sunday). Tommy knocks out 90 percent of the people that he messes with. He drops them, knocks them out – that’s 90 percent. So Jake Paul is no different. He’ll get it, as well.”

He draws examples from the Conor Mcgregor vs Floyd Mayweather fight, “Conor McGregor made everybody think that he was going to beat Floyd (Mayweather), but in reality, was never going to do it. People are easy to convince, I suppose.”

He continued, “There will probably be a rematch for even more money, yeah. Or maybe fight his brother of another YouTube person. Listen, if they can make millions and millions of dollars out of fighting each other in these fights, and they’re not hard fights, he’s not fighting some guy that’s coming from Albania and has nothing in his life and if he beats this person he’s going to get millions and millions of dollars. It’s a different sport. It’s a different world, really. So they get to do these fights for millions of dollars and not a cat scratch on them, so fantastic.”

How might Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury actually turn out?

Tommy indeed has a lot in line here. Not only is the entire reputation of the Fury family at stake, but ‘TNT’s future as a boxer can also be called into question. Unfortunately, the Brit has admitted to taking the fight for money so bad actors might try to bribe him for taking a loss. We hope the young Fury picks his next steps really carefully.

All this drama and buildup is expected to reach a conclusion come February 26th.


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