Kyrie Irving, Luka Doncic brutally roasted by NBA fan with “these dudes are straight a**” slap amid Mavs vs Hornets game

During the Mavs vs Hornets game, an NBA fan made a scathing comment about Kyrie Irving and Luka Doncic, calling them “straight a**.” This insult is not unfounded, as the team has been struggling to find wins since acquiring Irving. In fact, their record with Irving on the team is below .500.

The Mavs did not anticipate the uncomfortable fit between Irving and the team, resulting in a loss of continuity and chemistry.

Since Irving joined the team, the Mavs’ record has been poor. They have only won seven out of 19 games. Even when Doncic and Irving play together, their record is only 3-7. When only Doncic played by himself, the team lost both games. The team has won three out of four games when only Irving has played, but their record is still under .500.

Kyrie Irving

When Irving is out on the court as the lone star, the Mavericks have an under .500 record in all facets since his acquisition. This is not ideal for a team with title hopes.

The pressure on the Mavs reached a breaking point in their recent game against the Hornets. Despite having both Irving and Doncic in the lineup, the Mavs fell to the lowly Hornets on their home floor. This loss, combined with poor results in the Western Conference, has pushed the Mavs to 11th in the standings and outside of the playoff picture altogether.

With just eight games left in the regular season, the pressure is on for the Mavs to make the playoffs. If they fail to do so, this season will be labeled historically bad considering their early success.

If the duo of Irving and Doncic fails to lift the team to the postseason, the franchise could see Irving walk for nothing this off-season. This would leave the team without depth and draft capital as a result of a failed experiment.

In the end, the NBA fan’s insult of “these dudes are straight a**” may have been harsh, but it highlights the Mavs’ struggles and the disappointment of their underwhelming season.

When Potential Falls Short: Kyrie Irving and Luka Doncic – The Paper Champions Who Failed to Deliver

Kyrie Irving and Luka Doncic were expected to be the NBA’s most exciting backcourt duo. On paper, the pairing seemed almost perfect. The Mavericks had an MVP-caliber playmaker in Doncic and a clutch scorer in Irving, a combination that should have yielded excellent results.

However, their on-court performance was far from satisfactory. Despite their talent and skill, the Mavs struggled to win games with the duo on the court. Their underwhelming performances together and a lack of team chemistry resulted in a disappointing season for the Mavericks.

Kyrie Irving

Despite their best efforts, the team has fallen out of the playoff picture, and their season is now in jeopardy. The failure of Irving and Doncic to deliver on their potential has left many wondering if the two stars can coexist effectively on the court. While the duo remains a formidable force on paper, they have yet to prove themselves as a winning combination in reality.

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