LeBron James shows off bartending skills featuring $50 million tequila brand

If life hands you lemons, reach for salt and tequila, is what the legend LeBron James seems to live by. An ideal buddy for having fun at loud events with friends and admirers. From elementary school, “L-Train” has established himself as a significant basketball talent in his hometown.

He was named at an incredibly young age as Mr. Basketball in Ohio. Recent social media posts have shown that Weber blue agave juice is without a doubt James’ favored beverage of choice.

LeBron James wows fans with an exquisite tequila mix

When creating a tasty tequila mix for his fans, LeBron James wasted little time promoting Lobos 1707 Tequila on his Instagram feed. It very well may be that James is showcasing an image taken while having a drink in his mansion, or Château L’ James as the “King James” refers to it.

The image depicts a glass of alcohol with the words “Lime, Sparkling Yuzu, Black Lime, Ohio Honey,” along with the name Lobos 1707 Aejo. 


In fact, his family was having financial difficulties. He was able to avoid the projects and concentrate more on his education and basketball because of LeBron’s favorite basketball coach Frankie Walker, who took him under his wing and let him stay with his family. LeBron’s total skill as a mixologist and his tremendous rise to stardom is proof of his perseverance and the supportive role models that guided him on the path to success.

James invested in 16th-century tequila barreling inspired company Lobos 1707 in 2020

LeBron James invested in the year 2020 in Lobos 1707 Tequila and mezcal, making him the newest celebrity to enter the agave beverages market. The Lobos 1707 line, which is available in the US and Mexico, includes reposado, extra aejo, mezcal artesanal, and joven. The name Lobos 1707 is derived from the Spanish word for wolf.

Diego Osorio, the brand’s chief creative officer, and CEO Dia Simms, who has experience working with companies like Cîroc Vodka and Deleón Tequila, founded the company. LeBron James, a fan of tequila, has financed the firm with his business associate and buddy M. Carter because of the product’s quality, the company’s core principles, and the chance to create a “strong consumer brand with diverse leadership.”

LeBron James

“I knew the first time I tasted Lobos 1707 Tequila that it was special,” stated James. “When I learned more about the brand story and leadership team, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. “Lobos 1707 is about celebrating the strength of the group and bringing people together. It’s about shared passion and values. I love sipping Tequila with my friends, and we want a brand that speaks to us.” Many well-known players with money, not just LeBron James, have moved to Tequila.


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