“Legit dumbest shit of all time to me”: Fans outraged as brawl breaks out at Warriors vs Kings after NBA playoffs game 3

NBA playoffs series between the Golden State Warriors and the Sacramento Kings turned ugly on Thursday night, as fans of both teams engaged in a massive brawl following Game 3. The altercation involved pushing, shoving, and even punches thrown by fans, including a man in a Jason Williams jersey who came out of nowhere to join the fray.

Video footage shows during NBA Playoffs a Kings fan taking a tumble into the barricade, which appears to have sparked the initial confrontation. However, the situation quickly escalated as the man in the Williams jersey entered the fray, throwing punches at a downed Warriors fan.

The violence continued even after security intervened, as another Kings fan leaned in for a cheap shot on the same Warriors fan.

“i truly cant imagine getting in a fight with someone just cuz we like a different team – legit dumbest shit of all time to me. 95% we like our team cuz of where we grew up or were born, which we have no control over” a fan tweeted.

While the on-court action has been contentious, this type of fan behavior is unacceptable and has no place in sports. It is important for teams and leagues to take action to prevent these types of incidents from occurring in the future, including implementing stricter security measures and cracking down on fan misconduct.

Despite the off-court drama, the Warriors managed to secure a 114-97 victory over the Kings in Game 3, closing Sacramento’s series lead to 2-1. However, the focus should be on promoting positive fan behavior and ensuring the safety of all attendees at NBA games. Fans should be able to enjoy the excitement of playoff basketball without fear of violence or intimidation.

Warriors bounce back in the NBA Playoffs with a vengeance to even the series against Kings

The Golden State Warriors have been facing a tough time in their playoff series against the Sacramento Kings. The defending champions were unhappy with the NBA’s decision to suspend Draymond Green for Game 3, as they believed the ejection in Game 2 was enough punishment.

Additionally, they have been frustrated with Sabonis’ aggressive play, which they feel has included elbowing and using the ball as a weapon.

Despite these challenges, the Warriors bounced back in Game 3 with a dominant performance. Led by Stephen Curry’s 36 points and Kevon Looney’s impressive 4 points, 20 rebounds, and 9 assists, they secured a resounding victory. With Green set to return for Game 4, the team will be looking to level the series and regain their momentum.


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