LeSean McCoy’s savage assault on OC Eric Bieniemy over sideline spat with Patrick Mahomes comes as shock

Under Andy Reid, Eric Bieniemy, and Patrick Mahomes, the Kansas City Chiefs have enjoyed tremendous success. Over the previous four or more seasons, those three have contributed on a weekly basis to the offense’s dominance. However, when dealing with personalities like Bienemy and Mahomes, some times things get out of control. When they lost 20-17 on the road to the winless Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, the situation was out of bounds.

With just a few seconds left in the half and the Chiefs in possession of the ball and a 14-10 advantage, Mahomes wanted to try to score. However, offensive coordinator Bieniemy chose to withdraw Mahomes from the field. Bieniemy assured Mahomes that “we’re good” despite the team’s rather significant downhill and distance. Being the fierce competitor that he is, Mahomes disapproved of Bieniemy’s cautious strategy.

Soon after, Mahomes appeared agitated. The four-time Pro Bowler, told reporters on Sunday that the encounter with Bieniemy was not as serious as it appeared on television.

“I mean, at the end of the day, I wanted to go try to score,” Mahomes said. “That’s just who I am. We were in a tough situation, I believe it was second or third-and-20 … and probably the smart decision was to just take it [and know] we got the ball out of the half, let’s just go into halftime.”

LeSean McCoy had experience playing for Kansas City in 2019 and is qualified to assess the climate in the locker room. The Chiefs quarterback and Bieniemy were having a serious conversation during the Week 3 game’s halftime. McCoy thinks there was something fishy about the whole incident.

“All Bieniemy does is argue with the players .. KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT passing or PLAY CALLING.” McCoy left a remark on a relevant Instagram video. For this veteran, it was not the first time. In May, Bieniemy was the target of some arrows fired by McCoy as he was speaking in a podcast. “Some players, he talks to them a certain way, and some players would take it. I wouldn’t take it. There were some questions I would ask because everyone is accountable,” McCoy said.

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