“He didn’t end up coming first” Logan Paul’s attack on F1 legend Lewis Hamilton ignites outrage

Famous YouTuber and wrestler Logan Paul, 27, loves to appear in the spotlight, and this time he delivered comments on seven-time F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton about his driving and other issues.

Most of his fans are taking it as a joke, but few spectators of Hamilton took it offensively, as Logan Paul attack on Lewis Hamilton might have gone beyond the decency level.

How did Logan Paul attack on Lewis Hamilton sparked a massive controversy?

Logan Paul’s fame made him a well-known individual of his age, and he first garnered popularity as a social media celebrity and as a professional YouTuber, and more recently, he has found success as a boxer and a wrestler, which made him a multi-talented genius who can easily beat the odds.

Despite having a staggering 33.6 million followers on social media platforms, this American celebrity widened his horizons by enlisting himself in the world of combat sports, especially boxing and wrestling.

As a result, Paul’s greatness spread beyond social media, and he is now one of the most difficult opponents to beat in the boxing ring, inspiring other online celebrities like KSI to follow in his footsteps.

Fans adore him not only for his exceptional athletic ability, but also for his infamous exchanges with any sports icon in the world which he recently demonstrated by commenting on Formula One legend Sir Lewis Hamilton on the popular online podcast, Impaulsive.

Upon discussing a lot of issues, this American boxing celebrity abruptly arose his concern about racing and specifically indicated his admiration for the British driver who has won a record seven world titles so far in his career.

The guests on the show were amused when Logan said,  “I was watching these kids compete [in F1] and f**king Lewis Hamilton was leading the pack for most of the race. He didn’t end up coming first, but this guy has been dominating the sport for so long. He’s the GOAT of F1.”

The outcome is that Logan’s guests wind up making a mockery of him after hearing his opinions and it’s possible that Logan Paul has already figured out the secret to being successful on YouTube and other social media platform, however, much contradictions remain whether he could be successful on the grid or not.

Despite the fact that the conversation came to the conclusion with laughing, it seemed as if he may have grossly miscalculated the amount of time, work, and devotion necessary to be the greatest in F1 which Lewis Hamilton proved by showing courage, dedication and punctuality.


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